Closure Ceremonies

Closure Ceremonies

Closure Ceremonies are offered as meaningful yet simple ceremonies that can be scheduled prior to burial or cremation. These ceremonies are meant to be more intimate and private in our smaller ceremonial meditation rooms. Although we offer several established ceremonies we can combine or customize ceremonies to meet your family’s personal needs.

Rose Petal Farewell

A Rose represents Love, Honor, Faith, Devotion and Timelessness. Blanketing your loved one with rose petals allows each family member to leave a meaningful symbol that remains with your loved one throughout the final burial or cremation. This is a special time in a quiet space where your family can be with your loved one.

Toast to a Well Live Life

A Toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor. This special moment is time to share memories with family and friends while raising a glass in honor of your loved one. This is a Marvelous way to celebrate a well lived life with your loved one in an intimate space.

Spiritual Water Cleansing

Our bodies consist primarily of water and in most cultures water is holy, sacred or a sign of purity. Every drop of water that your family will gently trickle represents a spiritual cleansing. This ceremony allows your family to share a sacred moment in our peaceful meditation room.

Candle Lighting Vigil

Many prayer candles are lit in a ceremony for hope, peace and remembrance. With each candle lit you will witness a divine presence with the beautiful spirit of light that surrounds the deceased. This is a shared ceremony to let your loved one’s spirit soar and to acknowledge memories while honoring your loved one. This spiritual lighting will take place in a serene calm meditation room.

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