Funeral and Memorial Services

Funeral and Memorial Services

Part of the grieving process comes from closure of honoring
your loved one’s memory.

At Rivera Family Funeral Home we provide beautiful venues and unique services to help you plan a service or gathering to give your family and friends a focused time to grieve together. We work with you to customize a memorial service or life celebration that truly reflects your loved one. Our dedicated staff can create any setting, from elaborate, to simple and elegant.
We pride ourselves on providing professional guidance for many different ceremonies and rituals associated with all of the different religions and faiths including Catholic and Protestant, LDS and Christian denominations, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and many other faiths.  We provide nondenominational facilities perfect for all faiths as well as private ceremonial space for religious rituals such as the Jewish Tahara, LDS dressing, Buddhist and Muslim body preparation or body cleansing ceremonies.


Receptions with refreshments can be arranged on site at all of our locations. At our Santa Fe location, we can arrange a reception that varies from simple refreshments to white tablecloth meals at The  Montecito, situated directly across from our administrative offices. The Montecito also has a full service bar.  

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