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Specialty Funeral Services

When finding out someone you loved has passed away, there is little that can comfort us. Unlike a wound of the flesh, there is no band-aid to magically make us feel better. Emotional salves are different for everyone, but the support of friends and family, food, and music can provide much needed relief. Rivera Funeral Home offers unique services and speciality ceremonies to create a memorable and meaningful tribute to those who have passed away.

Memorial Videos

We can produce a lasting tribute video of memories with music to be played at a service or for placement on our web page.

Motorcycle Hearse

For avid motorcycle or Harley riders we offer a motorcycle hearse that can be used either for the casket or an urn.

Dove Release Ceremony

As a final goodbye at the cemetery or memorial service we can provide beautiful white doves that symbolize the releasing of the spirit of a loved one.

Mariachi Ceremony

The traditional Mariachi “Despedida” can be a beautiful send-off as part of the procession leading the family at the cemetery or at a service, ceremony or life celebration service.

Radio Announcements

If desired, as part of our basic services we will announce your loved one’s obituary and services on northern New Mexico radio stations.

Horse Drawn Carriage

For individuals who want the solemnity of an old fashion procession in the cemetery we can arrange the use of a horse drawn carriage.

Balloon Release Ceremony

As a final goodbye at the cemetery or memorial service we can provide special eco-friendly balloons in the shape of doves, hearts or other shapes that can be inscribed with personal messages that symbolize the return of a loved one’s spirit to the heavens.

New Orleans Jazz Ceremony

As part of the procession it is the custom to play very slowly and mournfully a dirge, ‘Nearer My God to Thee,’ but on the return from the service or final resting place, the band would strike up a rousing, ‘When the Saints Go Marching In,’. Those who follow the procession are called the second line twirling a parasol or handkerchief in the air.

Opera Ceremony

The richness of the opera tradition in Santa Fe and New Mexico is a beautiful expression of emotion. For opera lovers the Rivera staff can arrange an opera ceremony with chosen music such as “In Paradisum” from Requiem. This gorgeous piece of music from Faure’s Requiem will calm your soul as you say your goodbyes to those who have departed this world. The Latin text is a prayer to the angels to lead the departed spirits into paradise where they will be met by martyrs who will escort them into the holy city of Jerusalem.

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